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Ricky Cortes

Ricky “RC” Cortes is a bassist born in New Orleans, where his muse inspired him at an early age and led him to work with many of the city’s most iconic musicians.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1985, he toured and recorded with legends of the music industry, including John Mayall, Spencer Davis, Chuck Berry, Jude Cole, Mitch Ryder, Mavis Staples, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy; and the list goes on.

As to his influences, RC says, “The players that have influenced me are far too numerous to name, and they span styles from Paul McCartney and James Jamerson, to Berry Oakley and Jaco. While I continue to be inspired by musicians of all styles, I have special places in my soul for those who I grew up listening to in New Orleans. Most of them were relatively unknown, and not all of them were bass players. The music of that environment provided the incubation period upon which all else has been built.”


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